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LilaMax Media produces and distributes live and recorded reports anchored by veteran broadcaster Jane King from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square. Delivered to viewers who crave all that is new and exciting in the world of consumer and technology, our collection of daily reports include:

LilaMax Morning Report

Morning Report

All the big business/consumer stories plus a look ahead to what could move the markets.

LilaMax Business Update Report

Business Update (Afternoon Report)

The latest breaking business/consumer news from retail to just plain interesting.

LilaMax Special Election Report

Gulf Coast Report

Jane King delivers a daily report on the vibrant Gulf Coast Economy. From energy to shrimping to tourism. the Gulf Coast generates $230 billion in economic impact a year. Encompassing the states of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, The Gulf Coast plays an important role in U.S. business.

LilaMax Tech Report

Tech Report

The latest cool gadgets and gizmos, along with technological innovation that could change the way we live.

LilaMax Business Update Report

Wellness Report

Daily report on wellness, diet, and exercise to help people make wise decisions about their health.

LilaMax Gulf Coast Report

Fit You with Ali Holman

One-minute reports by veteran on-air fitness expert Ali Holman. Fitness and nutrition topics delivered with enthusiasm, and experience. Ali Holman has been featured on CBS, NBC, Glamour and many other media outlets. Learn more >

LilaMax Ag & Energy Report

Ag & Energy Report

News that affects our most basic necessities, food and energy.

LilaMax Business Update Report

Texas Report

All things business for the Lone Star State.

LilaMax Business Update Report

Cruz N Pets

Launching Jan. 2017! Dr. Bernadine Cruz, DVM will begin producing twice weekly reports on pets for LilaMax Media. Learn more >

LilaMax MediaLive and recorded reports anchored by veteran broadcaster Jane King from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square.

Sales: West Coast
Bob Morris

Sales: Southeast & Midwest
Ray Depa

Sales: Northeast
Gene Schafer

Production: New York
Jane King

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